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Chairmans Oration

Yu Yue technology is at all levels of leadership, all walks of life partners, friends of the care, support and help to build, but also a new starting point for the career of science and technology people.

Yu Yue Technology always will "serve customers, repay employees, create rich society" as the value of creating a ruler. Yu Yue Technology promises "to provide each customer with the highest quality products, the most satisfactory service"!

Facing the future, Yu Yue technology will continue to dominate the corporate culture, to "cooperate and win together, with Hing Co-Prosperity" for the purpose, to create the international competitiveness of the smelting furnace copper water jacket manufacturers and technical service providers for the goal of market demand and major equipment localization for the direction of scientific and technological innovation as the guide, to create a comprehensive and sustainable development of rapid and healthy enterprises. At the same time, we should take up the social responsibility, and strive to create value for customers, employees and shareholders, and realize the harmonious development of enterprise, society and nature.

Heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels, partners, friends for long-term support! We are willing to work together with the Community lofty ideals and sincerely cooperate to create a better future!


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